Terms & Conditions

The Old Bridge Inn is currently undergoing refurbishment and should be reopened by early 2019 – Please check back here to get actual reopening date.

“The Old Bridge Inn”
Terms and Conditions

The Old Bridge Inn, hereafter called “the Rooms”, and all references made to “management” reflect the management of the Rooms under Riverdog Pty Ltd. This agreement is between River Dog Pty Ltd (the registered Owner of the Old Bridge Inn) & the hirer.

The Hirer is the person, Company, Association or Club taking and accepting responsibility for the hire of the Rooms and by signing this document has read, understood and accepted that the clauses listed below are the terms and conditions agreed.


The hirer must be 18 or over at the time of booking
Credit Card details are taken as security of your booking
All bookings are subject to full payment at the time of booking

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If cancellation occurs

– 8 days or more prior to arrival booking cost will be refunded less deposit.
– 7 days or less prior to arrival booking cost will be refunded less one night’s accommodation
– day of arrival or failure to arrive. No refund

SPECIAL CONDITIIONS APPLY: Christmas, Easter, Long Weekends and Festival Periods associated with Gundagai


The apartment is let to you, the hirer for accommodation, holiday and or group uses purposes as mutually agreed with the management and only for the duration of the period stated on your receipt and booking form.
The hirer agrees that accommodation is made available only to the guests stated on the booking form.
The usage of the Apartment is strictly for the purpose of accommodation any other form of usage that may include a private function, corporate meetings, group gatherings or any other purpose, require the approval of management.

The Hirer agrees

To keep noise down to a minimum i.e. loud noise, singing or loud parties that may bring discomfort to others in the community, especially after 10.30pm. Your consideration for others is appreciated.
Additional guests or visitors are to be informed immediately to management.

The Hirer agrees

To keep the apartment and its furniture, fixtures, equipment & fittings in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the hire. (Reasonable wear& tear accepted) faulty equipment, appliances or accidental breakage shall be reported to management prior to vacating the property.

The Hirer agrees

That should there be need for extra cleaning, repairs/ replacement for damage to furniture, fixtures or fittings it will be debited to the credit card used in making the booking. Your Credit Card will not be debited without prior notification.

The Hirer agrees/accepts

That the use of any open fires or the burning of any candles, including Chinese lanterns, in or around the apartment is strictly NOT PERMITTED and therefore the hirer accepts full responsibility and liability for any damages, property damages or personal damage resulting from such activity.
Knowledge of such activity brought to the attention of management shall result in immediate termination and vacating of the premises.

The Hirer agrees

Smoking is strictly not permitted within the apartment. Smoke detectors are installed in rooms, hallways staircase and main room areas. Smoking is only permitted outdoors, Bins are provided for disposal of cigarette butts in a safe and proper manner.
Fire extinguishers, detectors, fire blankets and fire hose are fitted within the apartment i.e. kitchenette, hallway, BBQ area. Emergency exit’s located rear doors front doors and fire escape from upstairs verandah.

The Hirer agrees
That under the health act that no pets/animals are permitted indoors of the
Pets may be considered on the property subject to authorisation by management.

The Hirer agrees/accepts

Children are to be kept under responsible supervision of an adult at all times. This includes the Rooms property grounds inside and outside.
The hirer is fully responsible for the behaviour and conduct of children occupying the Rooms

The Hirer agrees/accepts

To leave the Apartment in a reasonably clean and tidy condition after use

The Hirer agrees/accepts

Management of the Rooms will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any personal belongings, cash or jewellery and or motor vehicles, however caused, during their stay. It is the responsibility of the hirer and individual guests to secure personal belongings and to keep their
rooms and premises locked when not attended.

The Hirer agrees

That the management of the Rooms will not be held responsible or accept any liability or issue any refunds, for occurrences resulting in loss of occupancy or personal injury caused by circumstances outside its reasonable control.

The Hirer agrees

That management of the Rooms reserve the right to decline and terminate accommodation to, or expel, any hirer or visitor for conduct or breach of the agreed terms and conditions, which in its sole view, is detrimental to the property, or to the comfort, consideration & safety of any other visitor’s or local community neighbours.
That the use and or sale of any illegal substances are strictly prohibited either in the Rooms or on it’s surrounding property.

The Hirer agrees

That the management of the Rooms reserves the right to enter the Rooms at any time but will endeavour to do so only when convenient to the Hirer and when absolute necessary i.e. matter of emergency, concern for welfare, care of premises or urgent repair.

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